The procedures and conditions for granting airport transit visas are defined in Regulation (EC) No 810/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council, which establishes a Community Code for this type of visa.

All nationals of the countries listed below (List I and List II) are required to have an airport transit visa. 

How to apply for an airport transit visa?

Ahora bien, ¿cómo puedes solicitar un visado de tránsito aeroportuario? La solicitud de visado de tránsito aeroportuario debes presentarla mediante un impreso de solicitud debidamente cumplimentado (original y copia). El impreso de solicitud de visado de tránsito aeroportuario puedes descargarlo gratis desde aquí, pero también puedes obtenerlo gratis en cualquiera de las Misiones Diplomáticas u Oficinas Consulares de España en el extranjero. 

How can you apply for an airport transit visa? The application for an airport transit visa must be submitted on a duly completed application form (original and copy). The airport transit visa application form can be downloaded free of charge from here, but you can also obtain it free of charge from any of Spain's diplomatic missions or consular offices abroad.

You must apply for the airport transit visa in person or through a duly accredited legal representative at the Spanish diplomatic mission or consular office corresponding to the place where you legally reside. If there is no Spanish diplomatic mission or consular office in your place of residence, you may apply for it through the diplomatic mission or consular office that represents Spain in your country of residence.

At the time of submitting the visa application, you must pay the corresponding fee. See list of fees. There will be no refund if the visa application is rejected. However, in certain cases, which you must consult beforehand at the nearest Spanish diplomatic mission or consular office, the regulations in force provide for a reduction or exemption of the fee.

The rest of the requirements for obtaining an airport transit visa must be consulted at the diplomatic mission or consular office where you make your application, since these requirements may vary depending on your country of origin.

The Spanish authorities have a maximum of 15 calendar days from the date of submission of the application to decide on your airport transit visa application. The deadline could be extended to a maximum of 30 calendar days for certain specific cases, especially for situations where it is necessary to carry out a more detailed examination of an application.

Exceptionally, for specific cases where additional documentation is required, the maximum time limit for decision can be extended to 60 calendar days.

If the visa is finally issued, you must collect it in person from the relevant diplomatic mission or consular post, although you may also be able to collect it from a duly authorised legal representative within one month of notification of the granting of the visa.

In the event of a visa being refused, the Spanish authorities will notify you on a standard form which also states the reason for the refusal. An appeal against the decision may be lodged with the Madrid High Court of Justice within two months of the date of notification or, alternatively, an appeal for reconsideration with the same diplomatic mission or consular post within one month of the date of notification of the refusal.

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