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The purchase of real estate in Spain accounts for 94% of the investments that entitle the express visa

Foreign real estate purchases and investments via the gold visa generate around 1 billion euros every year in Spain, according to a comprehensive report entitled European Getaway: Inside the murky world of golden visas, by Transparency International and Global Witness.


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Investment and real estate purchases

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The residence by investment allows a foreigner and his family to live legally in Spain without having a job offer, without having a relative of Spanish descent applicant.


Residence Visa Processing

Once the investment is made, we can apply for a residence visa that allows you to legally live in Spain for an initial period of 1 year. It can be renewed indefinitely as long as you keep the investment. For 1 year, you can live or not in Spain, without jeopardizing your residence visa. To maintain and renew this visa, you only have to enter the Spanish territory, at least once a year.


Processing of residence authorization

Upon obtaining the Residence Visa and while maintaining the investment, we can request a residence authorization that will allow you and your family members to live and work in Spain. This authorization is granted for an initial period of 2 years.


Advice on the purchase of the property (s)

Our lawyers and real estate advisors will guide you, at all times, in your immigration process and in the purchase of real estate that qualify for obtaining your legal residence in Spain.


Opportunity for citizens of Latin America

If you are a citizen of an Ibero-American country, we can apply for Spanish citizenship once you have obtained the Residence Authorization and resided continuously for a minimum period of 2 years in the Spanish territory.

Visa and residence authorization for investment as a migratory resource

Ideal for foreigners who want or need to stay in their home countries and do not intend to live more than 6 months / year in Spain. The visa and residence permit are granted to the spouse and children under 18 years of age or adults who cannot be maintained due to their state of health.

Spain: a very attractive destination in Europe

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