Golden visas have led to the acquisition of 635 residential properties valued at more than 500,000 euros from the beginning of the year until November 8. The statistics, obtained by, reveal one of the highest values of the entire historical period, which began in 2013.

The data provided corresponds only to the first 10 months of 2023.

Spain, is among the nations in Europe that have maintained residence permits, despite a significant faction of the government being strongly in favor of abolishing them. Portugal, Cyprus, Ireland and the United Kingdom have implemented measures aimed at eliminating them in whole or in part. Meanwhile, Italy, Malta and Greece have opted to keep or reinstate them.

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  1. Spain opens more doors to 'Golden Visas: The Spanish Supreme Court has reduced the criteria for non-EU immigrants to obtain Spanish residency. Previously, the golden visa was only granted to those who purchased a property worth more than €500,000. However, the eligibility criteria have now been expanded to include foreign investors who want to build or develop their own residence on the land they have previously purchased.
  2. Golden visas, what are they, how can they be obtained and what can they offer? As striking as the term "golden visa" may sound, it simply refers to specific types of laws that allow a foreign individual, regardless of his or her background, to obtain citizenship or residency in a country in exchange for a specified amount of investment. In other words, golden visa regimes are "specific policies developed by countries that are intended to attract wealthy individuals to become residents or citizens."
  3. Golden Visa: Why Spain?: Walter and Gina, two charming residents of Jávea, the town that the Spanish painter Sorolla fell in love with, with an affinity for enjoying the 3 spirits from their home with beautiful views of the beach. At first, Walter and Gina only needed a couple of weeks of vacation, but then they thought they had discovered the ideal place to retire, invest and have a full life after a few nights in the coolness of the Mediterranean and a few walks through the villages of the Malaga coast.
  4. Golden Visa, investment residence as a global phenomenon: The practice of acquiring citizenship and residency through investment has gained significant worldwide recognition. In the Caribbean, the business of granting citizenship has experienced remarkable growth in recent years. A concept that originated in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis has become a worldwide phenomenon, reaching all parts of the globe, including the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Oceania.
  5. Golden Visa, investment opportunities in Spain: Spain is a fundamental nation in Europe. The reason for this is its strategic geographical position, which gives it proximity to the Mediterranean and Cantabrian Seas, as well as to the Atlantic Ocean. In addition, it serves as a crucial transit point between Northern Europe and North Africa. The country has an important historical and cultural value, as it has been influenced by many different civilizations, from the Celts to the Arabs and Romans. In addition, Spain stands out for its important economic and social influence. If you wish to participate in Spain's Golden Visa program, you may also be curious to discover Spain's most captivating investment prospects.
  6. Golden Visa, discovering the different programmes of the European Union: Each EU member state has unique incentives to attract foreign investment from non-EU countries. Most of these procedures are often referred to as "golden passport" or "golden visa," which are the terms most commonly used to refer to the Citizenship by Investment and Residency by Investment (CBI and RBI) programs. This article provides a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the European Union's residence and citizenship by investment initiatives, using a systematic and rigorous methodology.
  7. Golden Visa, The best places for every budget in Spain: Spain is famous for its low cost of living in Western Europe, making it a popular choice for those looking for a place to retire. In fact, while it's true that living virtually anywhere in Spain is often more affordable than in the United States, keep in mind that Spain offers a range of possibilities to suit different budgets.
  8. Golden Visa of the European Union faced with the spectre of corruption: The European Union is now facing a critical decision on the implementation of the Golden Visa program. The residence and citizenship by investment regimes (RBI and CBI, respectively) have proven to be indispensable for European economies, especially in the current post-pandemic scenario. These mechanisms have effectively provided several European governments with the financial resources and investments they now need. Residency and citizenship by investment (RBI and CBI) procedures have emerged as a means of generating wealth for member states, but they have also posed challenges to the authorities.
  9. Golden Visa, From California to Spain: Since the mid-19th century, California has been synonymous with gold, a symbol of the pursuit of prosperity and freedom. It has always represented the quintessential American ideal, where individuals, regardless of their background, have the opportunity to achieve success. But why are many Americans attracted to other coastal areas, just as glitzy and picturesque as California, but located on the beaches of the Mediterranean?
  10. Golden visa, Come to Europe today, because tomorrow may be too late: If you have an affinity for Europe, its historical significance, romantic charm and rich cultural heritage, then there are several nations with picturesque beaches, such as Spain, France, Italy and Portugal, that will undoubtedly captivate your interest and attract you with great intensity. Why? Europe offers an atmosphere of refinement, charm and comfort, and some places offer prices comparable to those of Latin America.


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