Last August 15, 2022, many immigrant families residing in Spain celebrated a day of jubilation. On that day, the revisions to the Regulation of the Immigration Law, which regulates the presence of foreigners in Spain, carried out by the Spanish Government came into effect.

These adjustments to the regulations have been carried out to streamline the regularization procedures for immigrants in Spain and the attraction of international talent by companies.

In this article, we would like to offer you a review of the most read information on the reform of the regulation of the Immigration Law during 2023, in our blog:

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  4. What every company should know about the reform of the Foreigners' Regulations - After verifying the serious situation of the Spanish labor market, the Spanish Government finally opted to revise the Alien Regulation and establish a legislative framework more appropriate to the current circumstances. We explain how the improvements and modifications introduced in the reform of the Alien Regulation can have an impact on a company.

Being an immigrant in search of stable employment is an arduous task in any nation in the world. Bureaucratic red tape, linguistic and cultural obstacles, and skepticism from employers all contribute to the arduous task of finding legal employment as a foreigner. Spain is no exception.

Or has been until August 15, 2022. The Spanish government's implementation of the modification of the Alien Law Regulations has facilitated the process for undocumented immigrants to obtain legal employment. This is intended to achieve the regularization of their situation in Spanish territory.

This is the first time in years that the public debate on migration issues has not revolved around borders. In addition, the amendments to the regulation have streamlined the requirements for self-employed workers from third countries.

Undoubtedly, the rootedness for training, the possibility for foreign university students to seek employment for up to 30 hours, the relaxation of the requirements for hiring in origin and family reunification, are the main novelties of the new reform of the Spanish Immigration Law.

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