Once again, as 9 years ago, we attended the XXIX Conference on Immigration and International Protection organized by the Madrid Bar Association (ICAM) and the General Council of Spanish Lawyers, on 14 and 15 November 2019 in Madrid - Spain.

Meeting once again with colleagues and friends of years, is always a joy, and sharing professional experiences is both hopeful and we must also say that a little frustrating, since the bureaucracy and lack of resources in different areas of the Spanish public administration, often generates some disbelief in the improvement in the short term.

29th Conference on International Protection for Foreigners: Re-encounter

Due to the characteristics of both immigration and international protection, many lawyers who work in these areas are forced to be in continuous contact not only with legislative news but also with social news that directly affect our activity.

As always, we have had speakers of the highest level. Our beloved professor at the University of León, Dr. Aurelia Álvarez Rodríguez, has departed a little from the world of the Spanish nationality, to give us a very complete vision of the new student directives.

The professor of the University of Granada, Mrs. Carmen Ruiz Sutil, has given us a deep vision of the situation of "gender" as a cause to apply for international protection with examples of both favorable and unfavorable judgments, which allows us to know the state of recent jurisprudence in the matter and the arguments that the courts consider in each particular case.

XXIX Conference on International Protection: Meetings

As always, we are grateful for the presence of the Deputy Director General of Nationalities, Ms. María del Mar López Álvarez, who attends all those events in which she is invited to give good news about the outcome of the nationality shock plan, as a result of the plan to incorporate more human resources to unblock the situation. Unfortunately this crash plan ends in November 2019, and we hope that we will not have to return to the situation before it was put into effect. We must not forget that it still entrusts property registrars to resolve old files (2014-2015-2016), of which we are seeing resolutions in recent months.

We must not forget comrade José María Pey González, from Bizkaia, who has given an excellent summary of the latest Supreme Court rulings.

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